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Chip Tuning Lessons

Only those who have chip tuning training can join this forum. Please contact the webmaster for details.

-----------------------------      [Resim: cash.gif]       For a Short Time Only 750 dollars.      [Resim: cash.gif]  -------------------------

 * Communications Department *

Whatsapp Number 1 :  +90 555 898 15 68
Whatsapp Number 2 :  +44 7310 004481
Youtube Adress        :   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6KPE-X...G-TlwzcxCw
Website                   :   https://chiptuningle.com/chiptuninglesson/
My Paypal adress      :   poyrazogretmen@gmail.com
————————– General Details ————————

1.) With this training; You will no longer need anyone. You too will become a tuner.

2.) Stage 1-2-3 will usually only take 5 minutes of your time. Rarely 30-60 minutes. But you will be able to easily edit any file.

3.) Education is available in all languages. We are the first person in the world to prepare this.

4.) Don't compare it to simple youtube videos. You cannot learn anything from them. If you really want to learn; This is the first and only training you are looking for. And you won't find it anywhere else.

5.) It doesn't matter whether it is atmospheric, turbocharged, gasoline or diesel. You can edit all of them. This is what makes this training unique.

6.) I'm adding the training areas to a private whatsapp group. Only trainees can participate. There are trainees from all over the world. Number of purchasers; 149

Details about the training content;
* With the 1st training video; Teaches you how to quickly copy car files with ecm titanium. (The sw and hw numbers are unimportant.)
* With the 2. training video; You will learn the functions of the Ecm titanium program from start to finish.
* 3. with training video; From the very beginning you will learn how to organize files. All ECUs and all cars, vans, motorcycles are included. All easily handled in the same way.
* 4. with training video; the last details are explained and now you have learned everything.
* In addition, I give practical videos. I explain different cars and methods there. Application videos section is constantly updated in my google drive account. I'm always adding a new one. If you want a special file; I'll videotape it doing it and upload it there. And all members can download and watch. You are always authorized to download.
* You can work with gasoline, diesel, atmospheric, turbo engine and any ecu. With this method, you will be able to do all of them very easily.
* Cracked Ecm Titanium is sufficient. It doesn't need to be driver and damos. You just need to have a device that you can import files from cars. You will not make any other payments.
* You will learn how to checksum with ecm titanium and winols. (It is a 1 minute process.)
* I give you all the programs you need. And all the car files I have.
* You will be able to do the following. 
     - Stage 1 , Stage 2, Stage 3, Dpf off,  Egr off, Lambda off, Vmax off, Adblue off, pop bangs or anything... (But the easiest is; Stage 1-2-3 is to do.) 
 --------------         Payment stage and delivery ------------------------
1.)   My information is at the top of the page.

2.)    Send 750 dollars to my paypal address. but only do it as a friend. If your country does not allow it; no problem. You can pay            normally.

3.)    Send me screenshot or transaction number by email or whatsapp after payment. Indicate in which language you want the training.

4.)    Write me your gmail address. (It is only necessary to have a gmail address for me to authorize you to download.)

5.)    If you want to be included in the whatsapp group, stating this. I will add you to the group immediately.

PS: I know you will thank me after everything is done. And I would like to state that this training is more valuable and you will be very happy that you got it with a funny figure like 750 dollars.

                                                                                                                             Best Regards...

                                                                                                                             Poyraz AYDIN
                                                                                                                  Chiptuningle.com Manager

-----------------  Some screenshots --------------------

[Resim: 1.jpg]

[Resim: 2.jpg]

[Resim: 3.jpg]

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